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LG Voyager VX10000 Phone, Black (Verizon Wireless)
List Price: $399.99

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Product Description

Combining an interactive touchscreen for easy navigation and a full QWERTY keyboard for fast communication, the groundbreaking LG Voyager offers a powerful mobile communication and entertainment platform. It features dual screens, with the exterior touchscreen offering VibeTouch technology for tactile feedback and a touch protection feature that prevents unwanted key actions. The Voyager gives you access to V CAST Video--Verizon Wireless' multimedia service with news, sports and entertainment video clips, 3D games and more--as well as V CAST Music, which offers access to more than 2.4 million songs that can be purchased and downloaded over-the-air. Other features include a 2-megapixel camera/camcorder, MicroSD memory expansion, Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and stereo music streaming, multi-format digital music player, and optional GPS turn-by-turn navigation services. It operates on Verizon's 850/1900 CDMA frequencies, and offers fast connectivity through Verizon's EV-DO data network.

Featuring an interactive navigation touchscreen on the exterior, the LG Voyager opens to reveal a full QWERY keyboard.

Nicely compact, the LG Voyager measures just 0.71 inches thin and weighs 4.69 ounces.

The interior of the Voyager also includes a second widescreen (non-touch) LCD.
Verizon Service
With support for the EV-DO high-speed data standard, you'll enjoy fast access to the Internet and Verizon's multimedia services (additional charges applicable), with average download speeds ranging from 400 to 700 Kbps and peak rates up to 2 Mbps. (Learn more about where EV-DO coverage is offered.) The V Cast Music service enables you to download songs instantly to your phone, or purchase music through your PC and transfer the files to your phone. If purchased from your phone, you'll receive two copies of the song: a Windows Media Audio Pro Plus format at 64Kbps stereo is sent to your phone, and a Windows Media Audio 9 format at 160Kbps stereo is sent to your account in the V CAST Music online store for downloading to your PC. V Cast Music offers nearly 2 million songs, with more being added all the time.

With the V Cast Video service, you can stream or download video clips to your phone from a variety of news, entertainment, sports, and weather channels, including CNN, ABC News, E!, CBS Sports, The Weather Channel, and VH1.

Verizon's Get It Now wireless download service is also fully compatible with this phone. This pay-per-download service features application downloads, games and productivity tools. You can also personalize your handset with ringtone downloads using the Get It Now service.

With this GPS-enabled phone, you'll be able to access Verizon's VZ Navigator service (additional charges applicable) for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, heads-up alerts, local search of nearly 14 million points of interest in the US (such as landmarks, restaurants and ATMs), and detailed color maps. And Verizon's Chaperone service lets you easily locate your loved ones from your Verizon Wireless phone or PC in real time. After defining a zone, such as an area designating a school or summer camp, you'll be sent an alert via text message when the Chaperone handset enters or leaves the zone.

Phone Features
The tall candybar-style LG Voyager flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, which also includes four-way navigation and send/end keys. It features dual 2.81-inch LCD screens, with both offering a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and support for 262K colors. The external screen provides touch-sensitive controls--simply tap icons to access functions or move your finger across the screen to scroll through menus or around Web pages. It also includes an onscreen virtual QWERTY keyboard for entering URLS and other data into Web pages.

It's expandable via optional MicroSD memory cards with support for up to 8 GB of storage. The digital audio player is compatible with MP3, WMA, and AAC/AAC+ music files, and the phone includes dual speakers for music playback. Songs are auto organized by artist, genre, and album, and the Voyager includes an airplane mode that turns off the cell phone's receiver for continued playback while on a flight.

This phone also provides Bluetooth version 1.2 wireless connectivity with the A2DP Bluetooth profile, which enables you to stream music to compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speakers. It also includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, dial-up networking, audio/video remote control, phone book access, serial port/object push for vCard, and basic imaging for sending/printing non-protected images to a compatible device.

The 2.0-megapixel camera can capture still images in four resolutions (1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480, and 320 x 240 pixels) and video in two settings (VGA 320 x 240 and QCIF 176 x 144). Other camera features include a 2.5x zoom, spot metering, white balance settings, a variety of color effects, night mode, self timer, and three shutter sounds (with silent option). Video recording is limited to either 30 seconds for sending via MMS or up to an hour for saving to memory card.

The Voyager provides storage for up to 1000 contact entries, with up to 5 numbers, two email addresses per entry, and Picture ID. Support is built in for text messaging and mobile IM. When used in combination with the phone's built-in still and video camera, MMS opens up a whole new world of messaging fun. The built-in Web browser supports full HTML access and provides touch control on the outer display. Other features include:

  • Tools: Calendar, notepad, calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, world clock, and EZ tip calculator
  • Speed Dial (95 entries + 4 pre-programmed for voicemail, #BAL, #MIN, #PMT)
  • USB connectivity to your PC for file transfer as well as charging; USB mass storage capability
  • One-touch speakerphone
  • Speaker-independent voice commands
  • 21 included ringtones and compatibility with real-music ringtones
  • Voice recording up to 1 hour or 5 minutes during phone call
  • Video player compatible with WMV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2 formats
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating: M3

Vital Statistics
The LG Voyager weighs 4.69 ounces and measures 4.64 x 2.12 x 0.71 inches. Its 950 mAh lithium-polymer battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 480 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the CDMA 800/1900 frequencies as well as Verizon's EV-DO data network.

  • External touchscreen navigation and input, opens to reveal full QWERTY keyboard and second screen
  • Access Verizon's V Cast Music and Video services via fast EV-DO data network; GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions
  • 2-megapixel camera with video capture; MicroSD expansion; Bluetooth connectivity with music streaming
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 480 hours (20 days) of standby time
  • Includes: Standard Li-Ion Battery, AC Travel Charger, USB Cable and User's Guide

Customer Reviews:

  • Is it a good phone. No idea, Amazon doesn't appear to SHIP it.
    After having my estimated delivery date of 12/27 change to 1/9 then change to 1/23, today (1/22) I get an email from Amazon saying that I didn't click a link in an email they sent a few weeks ago letting them know that I DIDN'T want to cancel my order! As these were presents for my kids, they were understanding that their Christmas present would arrive 2 days after Christmas. Then they were understanding that the date slipped to 1/9. Then they were real disappointed it slipped to 1/23, but were pumped to see them tomorrow. Now Amazon tells me today they canceled my order on my behalf! Gee, thanks Amazon. My kids (your future customers) are not impressed....more info
  • Pretty but not pratical
    This phone has great features but the clarity of incomming and outgoing calls is horriable. I had to use a diffrent phone to call people back numerous times. I have the New choclated and had the Venus.I'm Going back to the Venus it is a much better phone. If you must have the full key board I would stick with the envy. ...more info
  • Horrible engineering....
    I've had 3 LG Env's and LOVED them. I decided to jump into the world of touch screen and regret it after only two months. My gripes::

    1) Internet - i know this may be verizon's fault, but the internet is HORRIBLE. My older phones loaded mobile enabled pages... but the Voyager loads actual websites (a la the iPhone). This is a great idea, but most sites either never load or error out or take forever to load. With my old LG Env phones, i could check sports scores, my gmail, the weather and news stories all within a minute if i wanted. With the Voyager, it takes me 5 minutes just to check my gmail and I get so frustrated I don't bother looking for anything else. I wish there was a way to access the older internet interfaces of the LG Envs or other older phones.

    2) Alarm clock. The only way to shut off the alarm clock is to open the phone and hit a button. With every phone i've ever had, you were able to shut off the alarm by hitting any button on the sides of the phone to shut it off. The alarm is loud when the phone is closed. When I have to open the phone to shut off the alarm, it's so loud it wakes up the entire house

    3) No cover for the camera lens. I have a scratch on the lens and taking pictures is pretty much useless.

    4) On the side of the phone, they put the lock/unlock button SO close to the camera button. Half the times I try to lock the phone and throw it in my pocket, I accidently turn on the camera.

    5) BATTERY. This might be my biggest gripe. Not battery life, that is fine. There is no sort of signal when the battery is low/dying. No blinking battery, no beep from the phone. NOTHING. The phone goes from 1 bar of battery life to SHUTTING OFF w/o warning. HOW CAN A PHONE IN 2009 NOT HAVE SOME TYPE OF WARNING THAT YOUR PHONE IS SHUTTING OFF??? I have never had a phone do this out of any phone that I've had. Several times I was waiting for a call or someone was trying to call me and then 30-45 minutes later I'd realize my phone just shut off. RIDICULOUS.

    All that said, the touch screen works great. I've been impressed by the touch screen. Also, the volume on this phone is better than any other phone I've had / previewed. The verizon TV is good too. After 2 months of this phone, I'm ready to sell it on ebay and downgrade to an older LG Env phone. They may not have the touch screen but all of my above gripes would be wiped away....more info
  • Great for one week.
    I thought the Voyager was fun and functional until it lost all sound in telephoning after one week. I could no longer place or receive calls, despite the volume being set on high. There were no calling sounds at all, on speaker phone or through the earpiece....more info
  • Awesome phone!
    Where do I start? This phone does it all.

    The first thing you notice is the large touch screen on the outside. The phone itself feels substantial in your hand. The plastic looks classy and sleek and not cheap. The screen itself is huge and makes videos looks awesome. The touch screen is easy to use and I didn't find much of the delay that others have complained about. It is, after all, a phone-not a computer.

    The address book is intuitive and organized well. You can put all your contacts in including multiple numbers and ringtones for each with no hassle. The menu screen is not confusing or complicated. Sending text messages is a breeze with the mini keyboard and yet another large screen once you open up the phone.

    Call quality for me was pretty good. The speakers are well placed and everything sounds clear. Oh, the included ringtones were actually (surprisingly) decent! This is the first phone I've ever had where the included ringtones didn't suck ...

    Personally, one of the main reasons I got this phone was for the navigation, and that didn't disappoint. It's voice operated and though you have to pay a monthly fee (figures), you can take your navigation with you wherever you go instead of having it restricted to your car. The maps have thus far been extremely accurate and I've had no problems with it.

    The browser worked well and was speedier than previous cell phones I've owned. Again, it's not going to work as fast as a computer, but it went wherever I asked it to in a snap.

    I also found the calendar feature perfect for inputing upcoming events. The reminders are easy to use and are customizable with custom tones for each event. Who wouldn't love that?

    The camera takes decent pictures for its 2 megapixels. There's no flash or zoom, but those are only minor complaints. The pictures it does take look decent, despite rather dark (depending on the lighting).

    One of its best features is the availability to use a micro SD card to store your pictures, movies, and music. It's a great way to keep yourself and your stuff all organized. And with micro SD cards so cheap, why not keep a few on hand?

    Honestly, I have never truly enjoyed owning a phone before as much as this one. This is well worth the money and I couldn't be happier. It has all the features I wanted; clearly LG put time and effort into making this phone great. Is it as good as the Iphone? Definitely.

    ...more info
  • Much better then an iPhone
    This phone is much better then the iPhone!! I was able to purchase this phone for only $300 without upgrading it or extend my current contract, w/o a new contract it retails for about $500 including tax. The one feature I think that's pretty cool is that the computer voice can read out your text messages. I also purchased the Motorola S9 Bluetooth headphones for the Voyager and it's awesome, but that's another review.

    One thing that I have a problem with the Voyager is that when you're listening to you're music via the headphone, you are unable to open up the web browser. My old phone(Chocolate) allowed you to web browse while listening to your music, I don't know why that's not possible when they're both made by LG. But all and all, this is a iPhone killer....more info
  • Love My Voyager
    I've had my Voyager for about a year now and I love it! The phone quality is crisp and clear, the camera takes amazing pictures and videos, and the music I have stored sounds awesome. I don't really text much, so I can't comment on that. All in all, I think this is a great multi-media phone and I've been very happy with it!...more info
  • did anyone actually get this from Amazon?
    I am still waiting to get this pohone - it has been a month now. My fear is that they never actually send me a phone. I actually also ordered the env to go with it so in total I am saving 150 bucks from what I would pay through Verizon direct (although one reviewer states he got it for same price which is hard to believe). anyway its worth the wait for the savings but if I actually never get the phone then Amazon will have to do something for me or I would never every shop from them again!!

    So if you got your phone from amazon please list a comment under my review....more info
  • The Perfect Phone
    I say..... YEAH LG, YEAH VERIZON. Let's just say I had access to one of these phone sometime ago and the features are great!. iphone is good too BUT like another previewer stated "the voyager" offers more for less. Yet the thing I love most about Verizon is that their customer service is the GREATEST. Things will go wrong from time to time but a customer feels so much better when they are offered prompt attention and respect. Way to go Verizon....more info
  • Lower Price on Verizon's Website
    Ok. I haven't bought this phone yet, but I am going to when my current 2 Year Contract is Over. And as a dedicated Amazon Customer, i was going to buy it from Amazon, but when i saw the price I decided not too! You can get the LG Voyager from Verizon's Website , and you don't have that $250 dollar issue that Amazon has! I can't put the price or the link from verizon's website in this review, but when you get the voyager direcyl from verizon it is a lot cheaper! . We have at least 6 accounts with Verizon, and I wanted the iphone but AT&T did not have service where i live! Big disappointment! But now verizon has came out with the voyager, YAY! But this phone is touch screen so if you don't like touch screens, don't purchase this item! And also, this phone is a litter longer from top to bottom, than the lg env....more info
  • ugh
    Yes, my title is "ugh" because tomorrow morning I am taking back my THIRD Voyager in less than one month. First I'll tell you the positive aspects of the phone, which is why my rating is 3 stars. Love the touch screen and the option of opening the phone to use the QWERTY keyboard. I also think the camera takes beautiful and sharp photos. Unfortunately the negatives outweigh the positives and have been the same with all three new phones. Nearly every person I talk to tells me that they hear an echo when they talk back to me. Even the people in Verizon's customer service department tell me they hear the echo. Love the phone, but am completely unwilling to have my contacts dealing with this annoying issue for 24 months. The only other complaint I have with the phone is that Mobile Email does not work well with cox.net. I would say it worked about 30% of the time. I ended up skirting the issue by creating a hotmail account that all of my cox email was forwarded to. When cox didn't work, I went to the hotmail account to retrieve my mail. It is a pain, but it does work that way. My frustration came with the salesperson's assertation that it would work fine with my e-mail provider. uhhh, no. Of course they also told me that no one experiences an echo with the phone. okayyyyy, then, whatever you say! So there you have it. If you don't mind an echo, cho, cho, cho...go for it. ...more info
  • Worst phone and CS ever
    It turns itself off and resets or it freezes and you have to remove the battery to get it to turn back on.

    I have had it replaced 3x - and have had such a run around with CS and their load of BS
    I've had all of the software updated and wasted HOURS upon HOURS in the store waiting for the updates.

    The phones do the thing straight out of the box.
    ...more info
  • I was looking for something smart
    To be perfectly honest, I was stoked to see a phone that could compete with the iPhone. I wanted an iPhone until I heard a lot of complaining about the phone, specifically that I'd have to change to AT&T. That price drop also didn't endear me.

    I was torn between the Venus and Voyager, and I settled on the Voyager because I was somewhat worried about the sliding on the Venus and because the Voyager has many more multimedia options than the Venus. The biggest example is the TV. Frankly, I doubt I'll use it often, but it's FUN to at least HAVE the option.

    The issues I have with the phone coincide with many of the reviews I've already seen: durability of the touchpad; battery life; getting used to the touchpad controls.

    I haven't removed the original film off the front of the phone, and I'm happy I haven't, seeing as it gets more scratches than I care to admit. They sell film to cover the touchpad, but it's unnerving to leave the phone bare.

    The battery life tends to depend on how many applications I'm using. So far, it's been fine, but if I use it too much, I recharge it on my computer using the USB port. It's a fast fix for the problem.

    The touchpad needs getting used to. You have to constantly unlock it, and it takes awhile to understand the patterns. I wish LG had made the menus more intuitive, and had allowed the user to choose which functions are on top. I tend to use the Email and Internet Browser a lot, and I always have to dig to find the applications.

    Finally, I have to say... because you're used to the touchpad, you tend to forget there are actually "SEND/CLEAR/END" buttons on the bottom of the phone. This actually makes receiving calls much easier than it seems, but, again, it's not necessarily intuitive because you get used to using the touchpad for everything.

    Still, I'm happy with the phone for the most part. It was my 2-yr upgrade from an LG V, and, although I need to buy film for the touchpad and an exterior memory card, I still paid about half what I would have for an iPhone without changing companies nor any of the additional costs.

    Overall, this is a techno-geek phone, with marvelous multi-media capabilities, a full Internet browser that you can see on either screen, a full QWERTY keyboard that's a bit larger than the LG enV, and several other bells and whistles.

    If you're not techno-savvy, get a less technology intense phone because this is not a beginner's phone. It's also not a PDA, and its capabilities for appt keeping and such are fairly basic....more info
  • Excellent phone, minor drawbacks
    I can see why this phone is so popular and difficult to get. Sound and picture quality are excellent, touch screen is nifty and fun to use, and enough features to satisfy even the most avid of media junkies. QWERTY keyboard inside is large enough to be able to quickly text message without too much worry of typos, and the new "optimized" web browser shows exactly the desktop pages I need without a problem, either on the external or the internal screen. I also like the choice of opening the phone either halfway (with screen at an angle) or completely (flat).

    Why don't I give it five stars then? Because of a couple of small technical problems.

    First, Verizon has a very specific plan for this particular phone. If you're upgrading from existing equipment, chances are you need to change your plan. It actually worked mostly in my favor in terms of minutes (50 more for the same price), but imagine my surprise when I tried to use the NAV system and got an "expired" message with options for purchase, when before on my old plan with my LG8300 I'd already had unlimited access to Navigation. Since I really needed it, I chose the automatic $10 option (which I assume will keep it operational for another month), instead of the $3 "daily" option. It required another call to customer service to straighten it out.

    Second, because the sound speaker is on the inside, you cannot hear voice instructions from the NAV system unless you open the device (although the NAV display and controls work on the external screen just fine). You can get around this problem if you use a bluetooth device in conjunction with the speaker, but personally I absolutely hate wearing those things in my ear.

    And unfortunately, there is currently no mount on the market which will allow you to mount the phone in your car in such a way that you can leave the device open. And even from the closed position, Verizon does not make a mount for this phone...you will need to go to a third-party electronics store to find one suitable (I had to visit three different stores to do so before I finally found a "universal" cup holder mount). So the NAV system is, in effect, more inconvenient for me than it was on my old phone...I'm stuck with very muffled NAV instructions on a closed phone if I ever want to use that feature.

    Other than that though, it's a great little device....more info
  • Still loving Voyager after a year!
    Sometimes I like to get to know a product before reviewing it. My first Verizon phone was the LG VX9800, basically a first generation Voyager. I eagerly awaited the next generation releases, electing to skip over the enV, and waited patiently knowing they'd eventually make a quantum leap with this particular line. Voyager is that leap.

    The main thing that made me fall in love with the original VX9800 was the flip feature revealing the full QWERTY keyboard. And once I got spoiled with that, there was no going back. Even if you only send a few text messages here and there, you'll never want to go back to the archaic punching of letters on regular dial pad. The genius behind this full keyboard is the nicely sized and spaced buttons. You don't need a stylus or magnified glass to use them, and each letter has its own key, unlike some where two letters share one key. The keys are also backlit. And the Voyager improved upon its predecessors original design by making the keys more responsive and by adding more functionality.

    The next most important feature I wanted in the new model was an MP3 player. I didn't want to carry around a second device. I like to travel light and the thought of having an extra gizmo in my pocket was a huge turn off. I wanted one product that does it all, and that's where Voyager comes in. The music interface isn't as seamless as an iPod, but it's pretty great. I have an 8gb memory card in my phone so there's plenty of room for my needs. And Voyager's software now syncs with Rhapsody so there are several ways to download music. You can also easily add music of your own manually, and I'm particularly fond of the fact that the phone plays WMV and MP3 files. And you can easily set any of them as a ring tone by just messaging the file to yourself and setting it as a ring tone.

    One feature sorely lacking though is the ability to multitask while listening to music. If a text message comes in while listening, you can read it, reply and then go right back to the music where you left off - provided you hit the right keys. One false move, and the music stops and you gotta reconnect to the interface and restart the music all over again; a tedious programming flaw. And there's no way to send a message while listening, only respond to an incoming one. You can't even check the clock on the phone for crying out loud. You should be able to at least do that and access your calendar. But no dice. Same with phone calls - you can answer, talk and then automatically return to the music where you left off, but you can't initiate a call of your own if listening to misic. To me, these are basic features and this phone should have them. It's the little things that make the difference between a very good product and a great product, hence only 4 stars insead of 5.

    A nice feature is that if you add extra memory the phone can also be used as a flash USB drive to transport files from one computer to another, though you'll need the included USB charging cable to make use of that. But still a nice feature. The phone can also shoot video in 2 resolutions and can keep recording as long as you have the memory capacity. So go ahead, make your first cell phone movie!

    The touch screen is responsive and accurate but does lag at times. I attribute this to the phone being similar to a computer in that there's times it may lag due to demand on the internal processor. It also seems to be related to how much data is on your memory card. But by and large, the touchscreen it's very good. Nice bright colors, though sometimes hard to see in direct sunlight. There's also a slight acclimating curve with regard to no longer having hard number keys to push, but really, not all that big a deal. You can also flip the phone open and dial via speakerphone on the QWERTY keyboard.

    Misc features I like:

    - I love the tip calculator. Punch in the amount of your dinner bill, then the percentage tip you want to give, and it gives you the tip amount and total bill amount too. Nice!

    - Love that I can have a custom wallpaper on both the inside and outside screens. It can be a picture, animated gif or even a video clip. Cool!

    - Text to speech -- it can read your text messages to you.

    - Voice activated dialing -- say anyone's name in your contact list and it'll say the person(s) name back and ask you which of their numbers you want to dial, then connect. Great feature with a Bluetooth headset.

    - Backup Assistant -- available on any Verizon phone and free if you create an online account to manage your bill. (they'll still mail you monthly invoices) Backup assistant backs up your contacts daily so they'll never be lost or accidentally deleted. This was handy when I had to replace my phone 3 times. With a push of the button, each replacement phone automatically got all my contacts restored.

    - Camera -- actually takes pretty good quality pics on the highest resolution setting. Better than some digital cameras.


    - I did have problems with the touch screen flickering, similar to if a video cable were loose on your TV. But this happened afer about 6 months and within my 1 year warranty, and Verizon swapped the phone out for free. The troubling part was that it happened 3 times. Each time, Verizon gave me a free replacement (a refurb) but I was worried this was a defect in all the phones. But in the end, I got one that works fine and have been going strong ever since. Just for the record, I have 3 friends with Voyagers and I was the only one to experience this problem. Though I'm also the only one who uses the phone heavily for music, so it's possible the problem is related to usage.

    Overall, after a year of solid use, and a few technical issues, I'm still quite happy with this phone. Sometimes Verizon itself can be a bit overbearing though. Their approach is a bit overboard and big brotherish, I mean, you guys sell cell phones, not plutonium. Ease up a little.

    Bottom line, I'm still a fan of this model and am excited to see what the next generation Voyager will bring.

    PS - A final word of advice-- get the extended battery!! A must have in my opinion, but they don't make any cases or form fitting skins to accomodate it. But still...

    ...more info
  • What an incredible phone and giant leap for Verizon & LG
    I know that there is a lot of hype surrounding this phone and a lot of controversy on whether or not it an "iphone killer." Personally, I say, who cares? If you are on Verizon then this is the best option for you and and iPhone is not even an option at all! (yet).

    The screen is incredibly vivid and bright and the interface is nice. Many have said that the phone is "clunky." What? "clunky?" come on, this is a great phone and the touch responsiveness is great, especially with the low vibrate every time you touch. I have the ipod touch, so I can definitly make comparisons between both touch platforms, the ipod has its up's, but the voyager is in no way left in the dust.

    The Mobile TV is great and presents a nice picture (from NYC). The music is nice quality and loud. The browser is full HTML and overall a nice browser. To correctly utilize the phone, I suggest using the touch interface on the front sometimes, then flipping it open at other times. If done correctly, you will have a sort of "mouse" and "keyboard" feature going.

    It is overall a great phone and well worth the price and wait for such an advanced piece of technology such as it's self!...more info
  • LG Voyager rocks.
    After using the phone for 4 months, I can tell you how much I like this phone. You can beat a cell phone with so many features the LG Voyager has to offer. Mobile tv, vz navigator, full size html browser, full QWERTY keyboard for super fast typing, coolest looking phone out there, touch screen with keyboard like the iphone.

    http://www.voyager-lg.com offer much more info, check them out it will change your mind about getting this cell phone....more info
  • Good but not great
    I recieved my first Voyager about a month ago, I was really excited, spent alot of time setting it up, loading songs, loading games,loading ringtones etc... I noticed right off that two things, first the unlock button on the touch screen would only work about half the time, truly maddening! Also, scrolling through my contacts, totally frustrating, couldn't get to the contact I wanted, if I tried to touch lightly it wouldn't move, or would bring up the contact I touched on, if it did scroll, it would go flying right by the person I was looking for, then I would try to back up and get to the wrong person again, etc... So, I started using the manual unlock button on the side all the time, and the voice activated calling which is not nearly as good as my old Motorola, as you can't "talk" to your account list and leave a voice imprinted contact. It does get better though.

    I was hoping that the touch screen would "break in" and get better, it didn't, so I warrantied the phone, received the new one, took all the time AGAIN to set it up and so far MUCH BETTER. It unlocks as it should and the touch screen as far better while scrolling etc.. you can scroll slowly, it's much more "iphone" in the way it works. So a week into the Voyager V2 and here's what I think.

    The battery life is middle of the road, not great but not bad, I think when I wears down it might be short lived.

    The ear piece sound quality gets poor at medium at higher volumes, it gets real buzzy and tinny sounding.

    The qwerty keyboard is AWESOME to have, as is the internet capability.

    The camera is great, lots of good options, very high photo quality and the front display is beautiful.

    The Verizon Music software is HORRIBLE in every way, it loads music from your computer (itunes)on it's own, but not all of it, just random bits, then if you search for the songs that it decided to leave out it's like they don't exist. So, I spent hours AGAIN burning tunes to disc, and transferring to the HORRID VERIZON SOFTWARE. Next issue, I purchased an 8 gig memory card and expected to load about 2,000 songs on it. EhhHHHHHHH... WRONG! Try just under 300 then it's full? I have no idea what's up with this but I've read through other reviews that this is a problem, so let's hope it gets fixed. Oh, almost forgot, the phone uses a 2.5 headphone jack, not a 3.5 like the rest of the world, so I had to go buy a converter which sticks way the heck out of the phone and looks awful. Man.

    Also, you can't listen to music and do anything else, no gaming, no internet, nada.

    Overall, I own it so I'll make it work, and wait for Apple to make an Verizon friendly iphone. Or maybe I'll just switch to ATT...more info
  • Perfect Phone
    I'll get right down to it: this phone is awesome. I have had mine for about a month or two and it hasn't let me down yet! The touch screen is awesome and operates under even the lightest tap. Also, the user may choose between three different tones to hear every time they touch the screen. Whenever one touches the front screen, it vibrates slightly. The camera takes very clear pictures and can make several shutter sounds. The only drawback is that there is no flash. Another is that I have not yet found a way to zoom in when on camera mode, only on video. Also when taking a video, the lighting is always considerably darker than in real life. Overall, I love everything about the phone, and you will too!...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    All things aside, this has been my favorite of all my phones (as your new phone should always be). Bad news first:

    -No Wi-Fi and the internet browsing can be distorted at times, but the speeds are resonable, it feels like high speed dial-up

    -Can't customize User Interface very much, so you're stuck with wasted screen space on Verizon advertising

    -Says "Verizon Wireless" everytime you answer or place a phone call (i hope there is a way to change that)

    -Touch screen can sometimes, be a little slower (by a fraction of a second, but that's all it takes)

    -Micro SD sold separately (but I like the fact I can swap out the card)

    -No flash on camera (why did they remove the flash from camera phones?)(why don't they put a REAL flash from a digital camera on these things, instead of cheesy flashlights when they DO have them?)

    Good News!:

    -Call quality. Remember, you are in the market for a PHONE. Before any additional gadgetry, make sure it works properly as a phone first. The LG Voyager has great voice quality (almost a little too clear at first, you'll know what I mean when you try it). I always have reception (thanks to Verizon) and never lose a call, and I can send pictures and text through thick, pre-war buildings.

    -2 screens + QWERTY board make texting and navigation easy easy easy, plus you still have the option to T9 text on the touch screen (choice is a BIG PLUS)

    -GPS VZ Navigator I drive a lot and don't have GPS in car, wait I DO NOW! it talks to you via the loud internal speakers, or through your bluetooth handsfree. Avoid traffic jams, or never get lost again. This feature has already gotten me out of annoying situations many times already. Works just like a regular in-car GPS, and the touch screen interface really nails it. Switch from directions to map on the fly, scroll around the map, zoom in and out, and all with just a touch. (I also got the holster clip, and just clip my Voyager to the visor while driving)

    -Read text messages aloud. If you drive often, you know it's really unsafe to read texts, this feature is great. Tap the top left "face icon" in your text message, and it will read the text aloud, or through your bluetooth handsfree device.

    -Music is loud, clear, organized, and fast (No need to find a Wi-Fi store).

    -External Memory. I love my music, but I really don't need to carry my entire collection with me. But hopefully next year I'll be able to carry more when they make bigger memory cards.

    -Supports STEREO bluetooth. Wireless headphones are awesome to have regardless of what you are doing

    -MMS mail. Send pictures and video, easily.

    -2.0 Megapixel camera + video with a lot of adjustment functions and features such as white balance, brightness, night mode, resolution, focusing, averaging or spot metering, etc. Remember, the LG Voyager has 2 screens, so when you want take a picture of you and a friend, just flip it all the way open, activate external screen, turn camera towards you, and smile! (you can also take pictures through the holster clip without taking it out)

    All in all, it's a great phone, I recommend it highly. If you don't require a smart phone, and want a phone that has it all, this is it. Play with it a lot on the first day just to get used to it. Keep in mind when you do that, it will use your battery power fast, don't let that discourage you, with normal-average use of this phone you will end up charging it every 1.5 days.

    Recommended accessories:
    -Clear Plastic Belt Clip
    -Bluetooth handsfree headset and/or Stereo bluetooth headphones
    and above all (this should have been first so i'll put it all in caps)
    GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR, they sell them at your local Verizon store, they fit great, no one will notice you have it on, and it will save your phone from day to day insertion and removal from your pocket or bag....more info
  • Not perfect, but damn fun to play with
    I have had all of the previous "V" models from LG.
    9800, 9900 and now the 10000.

    There are a lot of great reviews about this phone.
    So here is my 2?.

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the 9900 was easier to navigate through the phone book. The touch screen slows things down a bit, but it is fun to play with.

    Most of my friends have iPhones, but I needed a few things the iPhone doesn't do.

    1) AT&T won't work inside my home and drops call at 3 spots on my daily commute.
    2) I love capturing video of my kids, iPhone doesn't do video yet. Plus I can text the video as well.
    3) I like to text with pix, the iPhone makes this quite complicated.
    4) I still don't understand why the iPhone keyboard will go full horizontal screen on internet mode but not in text mode. The LG keyboard is just plain easier to use.
    5) iPhone doesn't have GPS, just a MapQuest-type system. The Verizon GPS is better than my car's built-in system.

    I don't dislike the iPhone, I just need the features the LG has more...

    Update: If you own the original black Voyager, make sure and drop it off at your local Verizon for the software upgrade. It adds fixes the scrolling issues and adds some new features. The visual voice mail is great. Note, you can't do this by dialing *226. You actually need to take it in. The upgrade is free....more info
  • Great phone --not for calls!
    Just got this phone as an upgrade to my existing Verizon xv6700. Feels nice in my hand and very responsive. Also has very nice features. BUT, 2 major flaws:
    1- For the price of this phone, the call quality is surprizingly below average. Specifically it seems like there are no high notes in the voice as if people were talking from inside of closed boxes. My xv6700 and especially my wife's LG 9800 have by far superior voice call (incoming/outgoing) quality. This cost the phone a couple of stars since talking to me is the most important.
    2- Does not correctly pair with my in car handsfree kit Parrot CK3100. I contribute this toward the phone being so new, so I spared an star.

    Conclusion: I'm returning this phone to get a LG Env. ...more info
  • I want to like it, but...
    That's really how I sum it up. And it's not that I dislike the phone necessarily...it's just the little things that added up and made me really not like it nearly as much as I feel I should. Some are glaring oversights, others are things that are missing on other phones. Cumulatively, they make up for a less-than-optimal experience with the device.


    First some background - I'm a T-mobile transplant. Got tired of their dwindling customer service quality and propensity to collection calls even when my bill is not yet past due and I've never missed a payment in 4 years. I can't stand Sprint or AT&T, which only left Verizon. I've been a BlackBerry fanatic for as long as I can remember; the Pearl has set standards that very few other phones - even other BlackBerries - have yet to meet or even surpass. Simple things like full navigation of microSD cards, custom ringers, custom desktops, simple interface, seamless email, all of the IM programs which use data and not SMS, etc. Quite frankly it got the job done. The only issue with BlackBerry is the fact that they never want to change the UI; It got dull and boring after so long using the same old thing. The most recent (4.5, I believe) OS did a little sprucing, but it was still the same old same old. I got a data card to start up my relationship with Verizon, and for my second line settled for the Voyager, thinking it should do me nicely.

    And it does...to a point.

    First, you need to understand that for whatever reason, Verizon has seen fit to basically add "two faces" to this phone. I'll refer to them as "Core" and "Remote". "Core" includes such things as the browser, text message, settings, and the contacts. "Remote" refers to just about anything else. So when you talk about POP email retrieval, that's actually a separate application launched via Remote connection; nothing is stored on your device unless you tell it to. The problem with this is that everything "Remote" is not only slower than the "Core", but there's a different UI wrapper. Huge, ugly banners and whatnot instead of simplicity. The red clashes with just about everything you're doing. The music player interface in particular is simply horrid.

    What's worse, you can't multitask on this device. So you can't run music and then jump over to email. You can't reply to texts, jump to email to look at something, then jump back. You can't even look at photos while listening to a playlist. It's simply ridiculous that these restrictions exist in this day and age when, quite frankly, the Pearl does this without incident. In fact, I've never used a device that couldn't. HTC's devices can, the Sidekick can, BlackBerries can, I assume Treos can...so what's the problem here?

    Bluetooth does work...to a point. It links up with common devices and as a nice touch, assumes the default password of 0000 for any new discoverable device. Of course that's a security risk, but since you can't change Bluetooth passwords in any case, it's moot. It did connect nicely to the devices that I use, with one caveat...and I'm going to drop the Pearl again by name, because it did this flawlessly.

    Most newer devices have the A2DP profile, which allows for support for Bluetooth stereo headsets, inclusive of car and home Bluetooth audio systems. What that means is, if you have music on your device, you can send it via Bluetooth to your device and have it play as though you had an MP3 player, just wireless. This is a cool feature which I only recently discovered. It DOES work through the Voyager...but with some issues. First, because the music player is "Remote" it takes way too many clicks to get to where your music is. You can't just click a "Music" button and have it go to a list of songs. You have to (1) click Unlock. (2) click the screen to bring up the "real" Menu (more on that later). (3) click on "My Music" (assuming it's mapped). (4) turn the device landscape because of course, the device does not support music in portrait mode (an issue...more on that later). (5)attempt to click on an option, oh I dunno...maybe...SONGS??? (more on that later) (6) click on the song you want to play. 6 clicks to play a song is unacceptable. When mapped, the Pearl can start playing a song after two clicks - one on the side button which goes DIRECTLY to a track listing, another click on the song to start playing it. That's it. It should be that simple. Verizon's UI makes it unnecessarily complex and unwieldy...which is the reason people keep carrying iPods when they shouldn't have to.

    Speaking of the music through Bluetooth there's another issue. If you try to use this phone with a car audio system, and you cut the car off while the phone is BT connected, the song keeps playing on the device. It's not intuitive enough to distinguish "audio through Bluetooth" vs "audio through handset". Sorry again, but the Pearl stopped playing music or at least paused it when the BT connection was dropped so you didn't look like an idiot playing Britney Spears climbing out of your car. That's not even the real issue though; what really irritates me is the fact that if you then come back to your car and turn it back on, your car audio will re-sync to the Voyager as it should...the Voyager does acknowledge it, as it should...but music WILL NOT CONTINUE TO PLAY FROM THE CAR. You have to manually deactivate Bluetooth and reactivate it, then re-pair. This is absolutely atrocious and counter to the spirit of Bluetooth A2DP. I know why it does it - again, the Verizon UI working in "Remote" mode does not acknowledge any Bluetooth devices automatically. It assumes Bluetooth is NOT connected, which in my opinion is a glaring oversight. I know this must be the case, because "Core" sounds such as key clicks and the like do work automatically with no re-pairing.

    I would go into details about the scrolling, but I think it should be obvious: it's broken. Maybe that's harsh but that's how I feel about it. They tried to emulate the iPhone's "flick" methodology, but it falls on its face because every icon is one click activate. That means you're frequently activating stuff you didn't want to just to scroll. There is a scroll bar, but it's so skinny that you can't adequately put your finger on it. I have no idea why they made it that small, honestly. Screen space was not at a premium to begin with. Making it half an inch and transparent like the other stuff would not have hurt anything.

    Some minor nitpicks: No real telephone keypad sounds. The normal sounds are so irritating I just muted them. Also, a lot of applications are landscape only, forcing you to open the phone just to use them...having the music player be landscape only is just unacceptable, seeing as you can navigate the whole thing by touch, it would have made better sense to have a portrait option. Music controls on the exterior of the device would have been nice (besides volume), and the proprietary USB connector is a definite turn-off; it means one more cable I have to keep up with. These phone developers need to keep with standards. I've got 10 mini-USB cables lying around and I like phones that keep with standards instead of creating proprietary connectors for the hell of it.

    So in summary:

    - Form factor; it's like a Sidekick that doesn't slide or swing.
    - Touch screen is quite responsive to light nail taps, even on the phone dialing.
    - Screen is quite high resolution, impressive on the eyes.
    - "Core" UI is fast and responsive, no real noticeable delays that I could see.
    - Quite feature rich; rivals that of some competitor devices.

    - Lots of apps are landscape only, forcing you to open the device.
    - Pictures show in their standard orientation and cannot be rotated if needed.
    - "Remote" UI is slow and unwieldy; horrific looking colors and icons
    - Email is not really "delivered" to the device; device has to connect to a remote session (affects speed of experience).
    - Too many clicks to do simple tasks.
    - Music Player is horrible to use (blame Verizon for that one)
    - Scrolling up and down is an absolute nightmare due to a scrollbar that is way too tiny.
    - Proprietary data and charging connectors are never a good thing.
    - A2DP broken; does not autodetect active vs. inactive Bluetooth profiles to send audio to....more info
  • Best cell phone hands down
    I've had this phone for the majority of the year now (replacing my LG EnV of 2 years). As long as you get the new firmware update at your local verizon wireless location, you shouldn't have any problems with this phone. Before I got the update the phone would turn itself off when I was using the internet, but after the update I did not encounter that problem again. The sound quality for ringtones is superb and photo quality is superior for 2.0 megapixels at the highest resolution. Call quality is the best i've ever experienced on any phone, and add the awesomeness that is Verizon's service, it's a win-win. I've used my friends' iPhones before and wasn't impressed with the call quality or the texting performance. If you text a lot like I do, you'll more than appreciate the voyager and it's QWERTY layout. What impressed me were the size of the buttons (much larger than the orginal LG enV). Texting via touchscreen is a huge pain in the butt. But if you just love to use touchscreen, you can also text using that with the voyager as well. It just blows my mind why people want the LG Dare when it's touchscreen only, making texting difficult and not a very enjoyable process. The LG Voyager provides every want and need you desire....more info
  • AMAZING!!!!!!
    This is an amazing phone!!! My only issue is the camera. No flash and only 2.0 MP....more info
  • Not worth the money...
    This phone just doesn't feel like it's real...Idk..there's just something about it that makes me want to return it.
    For one, the keyboard feels somewhat cheap. Secondly, the screen is rather small. Thirdly, the touch-interface is VERY poor. Fourthly, I LOVE Macs and I hate that LG stole so many of Mac's icons in their designs...how pathetic.....more info
  • Great phone!
    I bought this phone when I broke my original Envy phone. I wanted this one bc it had all the characteristics I loved about the Envy plus the touch screen. I haven't been disappointed yet,I loved the old phone & I love this one too. It gives you everything you could ask for and more. This phone also has a better camera to it than the old Envy too. Great buy!...more info
  • By far an excellent phone
    So easy to use, and very forgiving. Phone, albeit it compact, is very sturdy. Doesn't feel lik the wrong move is going to easily break it and the buttons on the side seem to be well placed, as I haven't accidentally hit any of them while holding the phone.

    So impressive and customizing is a breeze. I absolutely LOVE this cell phone and my only complaint would be there is no option to use the speaker phone without opening the QWERTY keyboard. No biggie if you plan on using a bluetooth accessory though.

    Highly recommend this phone....more info
  • Excellent Feature (not smart) Phone
    I picked up the Voyager after discovering that Blackberries require a data plan to be activated on Verizon. While I'm not a heavy mobile internet user, I did want a tactile QWERTY, music, and other options, sans the data plan. The Voyager fits the bill perfectly.

    The appearance, build, and feel of this phone is top notch, save for what seems to be an endemic problem with the bottom hinge. It loosens oh-so-slightly without abuse, and a quick internet search revealed this to be a common, albeit scarcely noticeable problem. Still, it's like that first tiny scratch on a new car, and it's annoying.

    The few times I have used the browser (sports - my weakness), I have found a competent but not particularly noteworthy experience. It works, but you'd have to be a serious junkie to spend any more time than necessary browsing on your phone. This isn't mobile Safari (iPhone), but it's certainly close enough for casual use. Also, my client (Gmail) is already in the shortcuts menu, as are the other big players.

    Music quality is as good as one can expect from a phone. It provides a reasonably flat response, though no phone is going to power headphones well enough to replace your dedicated player. However, it's great for short commutes, where the quality will suffice and battery won't be drained. While we're on the subject of music...when will manufacturers 'get' that users want a friggin' standard, 3.5mm headphone jack? Those three-ringed adapters are hard to find, and the standard ones at Radio Shack won't work. If you're trying to sell us your branded, crappy headsets, just give it up. Throw the consumer a bone, here. That said, if you need an adapter, be sure that it will fit your Voyager. Amazon sells one, which you can find through keywords. About $6, shipped.

    The QWERTY is a freakin' dream to use, with one minor annoyance. The 'space' bar is on the side. This isn't a huge deal, but it's the one thing that keeps this from being the most perfect texting machine ever produced. EVER. It's that good, otherwise. I can fly at a blazing 35 or so words per minute, which doesn't sound particularly fast if you're seated at a laptop...but on a phone? Yeah, it's awesome. Comes in handy for grocery lists, etc., on the notepad as well.

    The touch interface is pretty clunky (this and the 2.5mm jack keep this a four star review). After becoming acclimated, it does work well. But it's still unrefined and awkward. There will be plenty of miscues while you grow into your phone. This is the nature of touch screens, and overall it is much nicer to have it clumsily than to not have it at all. After a month of ownership I am down to only a few missed buttons per day, and that's mostly on the sadistically laid-out music interface (someone should be shot for designing that media player, at least as a touch; hardware buttons are fine).

    Call quality is ASTOUNDINGLY good. I can't be an authority on whether it's the Verizon service or the Voyager itself, as this is my first Verizon phone. Whatever factor, this is the BEST quality I've ever had in my decade+ of different networks and, well, probably 30+ phones by now. Whenever I get some sort of garbled mess on the other end, I'm confident that it's not my phone or my network. Also, the clarity from the Voyager's speaker and earpiece are top notch. Voices are fuller and louder than on the few other Verizon phones I've tested. That I can credit to the unit, itself.

    It's important that you update your FIRMWARE. The initial release had tons of bugs, as most ambitious phones and other tech are prone to. The latest version (v.11, as of this writing) has no bugs so glaring that they bear mentioning. Sadly, this firmware is only available as an in-person job at a Verizon store. This is the only device I have ever owned that did not allow updates via the internet. Oh well. Once it's done, it's done. It's particularly important if you want to be able to access a number pad during a call ("press 2 for assistance in English," etc), or if you want your Voyager to recognize a MicroSD greater than 4GB. Ask about the firmware if buying used.

    The camera is fairly good, for a phone. I've had pretty good luck with daytime shots. It is what it is...a cell phone with a camera Frankenstein-ed to it. It'll do in a pinch, and despite not having a flash, outperforms most other phones in this regard. Still, nothing to see here.

    Battery life is fair, but I find that if you do not use the internet functions often, you can disable the EV-DO signal for dramatically improved life. This is easily done with a quick google. Calls and texting are not affected at all. After this, I find that my battery will last an entire waking day (and more) of moderate to heavy music listening and moderate talk time. Considering that music is a major drain, that's impressive enough for me.

    This phone does feel slightly bulky at first, and for some this is a turn-off. However, when I held it next to my S.O.'s uber-sleek Moto clamshell, the differences amounted to carrying a couple of extra tootsie rolls in your pocket. Seriously...this phone isn't cumbersome at all, and it feels satisfying in the hand. The rubberized backing is a nice touch, too.

    All in all, this phone is IDEAL for texting freaks, sticklers for call quality, or anyone wanting a multi-use gadget with the understanding that doing it all does not always mean doing it better than a purpose-built device (like an iPod, for instance). That said, it's truly the most satisfying phone I have ever owned!

    ...more info
  • Terrible User Interface
    The best feature of the LG Voyager is its keypad. Nothing else about the phone is up to snuff. (And, as far as that goes, even the keypad suffers from the bizarre placement of the Shift, Sym(bol), and Space buttons.)

    The phone's shortcomings boil down to a lack of consistency in the user interface. You frequently find yourself at the dead end of a series of menus, with nothing to do but exit the menu and start over again. And are these menu functions out of the ordinary or esoteric, or specialized in some way? No. These are the basic set of functions used most often by any user.

    The biggest (or most frequent) aggravation is that the touchscreen goes dark, taking with it the keypad, right in the middle of calls that require keypad input, e.g., in hierarchical answering systems. This is an unacceptable shortcoming in a phone. I also use an Apple iPhone. When I take the iPhone away from my ear, the touchscreen lights up, giving me back my keypad; the keypad is never more than one keypress away. With the Voyager, once the touchscreen goes dark, there's no getting it back; the only thing to do is open up the phone for access to the keypad buttons. The problem with this is that when you open up the phone, it instantly goes into speakerphone mode. It's impossible to resume your call without closing the phone again, only to have to open it back up (and disable speakerphone mode AGAIN) when you reach the next phone menu. How many different menus do you go through in using your phone to check your bank transactions? Do the math....)

    The touchscreen is a touchscreen in name only. Many of the functions that you expect in a touchscreen just aren't there. You are often presented with long lists (of contacts, or missed calls, etc.) that scroll off the bottom of the screen -- but there is no way to scroll the screen down to see them. (On the iPhone, you just swipe your finger down the list and it scrolls, just as you would use your mouse to manipulate a scrolling list on your computer.)

    The user interface is not thought-out. Often you find yourself initiating a call when you wanted only to view call details or contact info; or, worse, you find that you have erased an entry when you were trying to view it.

    There is no consistency in the placement of functions with user controls; you get the strong suspicion that the programmers had to just stick the various functions under whatever buttons they had to work with. For example: Choose a contact from a list of contacts; you have 3 on-screen functions: Erase, Edit, and "Options"; The "Edit" option is the one in the middle, the default function activated by pressing the big OK button. One would expect the default function here would be to call that contact. No; to call this contact, you must press the "Send" button, tucked away on a corner of the keypad. But, never mind -- you've already pressed the big OK button, throwing you irrevocably into the editing screen. Your only on-screen functions now are "Save" and "Options"; there is no way to just back out and go back to what you were doing. The "Options" function lets you do things like set speed dial, default, wait, 2-second pause, or copy the highlighted field; and your only on-screen function at this point is "OK." There is no way to back out of this menu to the previous one, so if none of these menu functions is what you're looking for, sorry -- you have to press the End button and start all over again from the first menu.

    When your phone rings, you have to press the padlock icon on the screen to UNlock it (whereupon the whole screen incongruously lights up with a larger image of the little padlock icon); then press a green touchscreen button to Answer the call; but then you have to press ANOTHER little padlock icon to unlock the screen a second time before you can start talking. And any of these touchscreen functions may require repeated presses (the phone often seems to be too busy thinking about other things to pay any attention to the user). This is very aggravating, and you'll go through it EVERY time you answer your phone.

    Another often-used function that OUGHT to be simple and convenient but isn't: text messaging. Say you want to send a text message. You open the phone; you press one of the 2 "screen" buttons above the top row of the keypad. (Here's another incongruity: There's a maximum of 3 main functions that appear at the bottom of most screens, the closest thing this device has to a consistency in the user expeience; the leftmost function corresponds to the leftmost of the 2 screen buttons; the right one, likewise, corresponds to the rightmost; but the middle on-screen function, the default one, corresponds to the big OK button, off at the right side of the keypad; in other words, the position of these functions on the screen bears no correspondence to the positions of the buttons that control them.) To initiate a text message, you press the left button above the keypad. This takes you to a "Messaging" menu, with items like "New Message", Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc. You must navigate this list using arrow keys surrounding the OK button. You press the OK button to choose a menu item, in this case, "New Message". A new menu pops up, in which you must choose 1. TXT Msg; 2. Picture Msg; or 3. Video Msg. Press the OK button again to send a TXT Msg. Another menu pops open, which is in reality a search screen for your contacts. Type the first letter of a contact name into the field. Below the field, a name pops up that might correspond with your letter choice. You must use the arrow buttons again to select the contact you want, then press OK again. The phone takes you back to the address screen to let you add more addresses (presumably so that you can send the message to more than one contact at a time). Press the OK button again, and FINALLY, you can start entering your text. The leftmost of the two screen buttons has now become labeled, on-screen, as "Symbols." Pressing this button presents you with a screenful of punctuation and other non-alphanumeric characters. Your navigation buttons do not include a way to back out of this screen without inserting one of these symbols. (There is a way out, though it is counter-intuitive: press the "CLR" button, way at the righthand bottom of the keypad.) While typing your message, you can use the Shift button for uppercase, or the "Sym" button to type the punctuation symbols superscripted on the keys. Finally, then, you can press the Send button to send your message. This rather involved, multi-step process is probably the most straightforward operation you can perform with this phone, slightly more straightforward than answering an incoming call.

    This phone is an aggravation to use, the more so because of the functions it seems to promise but fails to deliver.

    Pictures? Videos? Sure, you can take 'em. But I will not even go into the acrobatics you have to go through in order to get them (one at a time) out of your phone onto your computer.

    The sound quality? No saving grace, there; it's scratchy and distorted.

    This phone is capable of many things; but it will not make it easy to perform any of them; and despite what you may read by some of the so-called "reviewers" (who are paid to give good reviews), this device has none of the sophistication or user satisfaction of the Apple iPhone, a TRUE touchscreen device, with a user interface designed to be USEFUL instead of a hindrance....more info
  • Comparable to iPhone, with small glitches
    First let me say that when it comes to cell phones, my loyalty lies with LG. I have had my Voyager now for about a month, after watching 2 people I know purchase one and be very happy with theirs. I like that this phone offers so many options that the iPhone offers (such as Visual Voicemail, mobile TV, and of course a touch screen). While I don't have the experience with touch screen phones that many people do (this being my first), I think the technology is a good start. I keep the sensitivity for my screen on low, but still I find that sometimes I have to tap the screen a couple of times for it to respond. I also find that when I pull up a specific contact from my address book using the touch screen, there is a touch button in the bottom left that lets you erase that contact, but I always want to push that thinking I am calling them. So maybe the placement of the touch buttons could have been thought out a little better. One feature I do like is how easily you can switch from speakerphone to regular mode while on a call, and I really have no complaints with the keyboard. Upon first purchasing this phone I bought a clear plastic cover for mine to protect it from everyday wear and tear, and also some disposable screen protectors (which are clear and last about 3 months). I think the phone has a few areas that need to be taken back to the drawing board, but overall I am pleased with it and would recommend it to people I know. I definitely feel that the good outweighs the bad with this piece of equipment....more info
  • Excellent,but slow email
    After months of struggle between the I phone and Voyager, I finally stayed with Verizon and bought the Voyager. The ATT network has really chased a lot of people away from the I Phone. This phone is really incredible. When you first pick it up it seems cumbersome, however after a few hours it kind melts into your hand. It does take some getting accustomed too, but the quality of the phone is there.It is clear ,pictures are good, touch keyboard takes some time to get used too. If I had a complaint is that it takes so long to erase e email. Even erasing eight a a time takes a while. With the amount of E mail everyone receives today (spam) this could be a problem. But, if you fly a lot like I do give you something to do at the airport.
    I really like this phone and have satisfied my I Phone urge!! Verizon did a good job with this one....more info
  • screen ruined after 2 months not physically cracked but visibly damaged
    Delicate screen on one side which opens to delicate screen on other side. Warranty did not cover free replacement -I was required to pay $50.00 for new replacement. Charging jack broke as well requiring replacement of phone. I bought a Body Glove case(5 stars) for the replacement which protects while allowing use of all functions. This phone is not for anyone who isn't exceptionally gentle. The en-v looks more durable...more info
  • Verizon's Promotion of Voyager Deceptive
    Verizon is systemically and intentionally misleading prospective customers regarding the capability of the Voyager. Multiple sales reps told me that this phone was comparable to an IPhone and would synch with Outlook. It does not. It is a phone not a pda. I have turned my Voyager back in after fooling with it and their tech support for several hours. I just bought the IPhone and set it up in ten minutes including all synching with Outlook....more info
  • Small learning curve, now awesome
    My previous phone was the LG VX9800 (a generation before the enV), so I thought I would be in familiar territory; not so. However, I've had the phone for about a week, and without reading the manual, I've connected it to my car's hands free bluetooth, customized the ringer, wallpaper, etc.

    The first big thing to play with obviously is the touch screen. Tap one of the 4 buttons on the bottom of the screen to go to messages, dial a number, system menu, or contact list. Also, touch anywhere else on the screen and a shortcut menu with many other links appears. The touchscreen is very accurate and pleasing as the phone quickly vibrates once to acknowledge a touch. There is a phone lock that goes on whenever you attempt to bring the display up after a period of inactivity, which can be a blessing or a curse depending upon your tastes. Yes, it can be turned off if need be. Oh, and the screen has great resolution as well.

    The camera takes great quality pics, although some have said the lack of a flash bothers them. Personally, I have never found a camera phone flash adequate for pictures further than 5-10 feet in the dark anyway. I did run into a bug with the differences in the picture taken and having a different picture saved, but that was fixed with a software update (as of mid December '07).

    Web browsing is fairly simple. At times, links were too small to touch on the outside screen, but that can be remedied by zooming in or opening up the phone and browsing. A stylus wouldn't be bad in this situation, though.

    Other pleasantries include big buttons when you open the phone, excellent battery life, decent call quality, and memory expansion....more info
  • Sweet
    This phone rocks!!!!!!!! I got it and it has awsome txting. If your looking for good mp3 functions this is the phone for you. It rocks!!!!!...more info
  • Great Phone!
    I have had this phone for 4 months and LOVE IT. Never have I had any issues with it, and the features through Verizon Wireless are awesome. I have friends who have the I-Phone who can't do half the things this phone can do- LOVE IT ! ...more info



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