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Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam VF0060
List Price: $92.97

Our Price: $49.99

You Save: $42.98 (46%)


Product Description

The Live! Ultra delivers the best video instant messaging experience. It is feature-rich and user friendly. The Live! Ultra is the only webcam with wide-angle lens that captures three or more people in the video. Other features include high-speed USB 2.0 for smooth, vibrant video, headset for clearer voice over the Internet, and smart face tracking for keeping you at the center of attention. Certified for USB 2.0 connectivity (backward compatible to USB 1.1) Smart Face Tracking 1-Year Warranty from Creative USA

  • Product Type - WebCam
  • Sensor Resolution - 1280x960
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 1 year
  • - Still image capture at up to 5.0 megapixel resolution
  • - Built-in noise-canceling microphones with Live! Audio technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice ONLY if you are running XP 32 sp2
    Bottom line, if you expect to upgrade your OS forget this cam. It will not run under Linux. It will not run under XP x64 and probably never will. After two years of lead time it still only has beta drivers for Vista x32 (none for 64) which do not work and for which there is no tech support. Unfortunately the same can be said for most of the creative cam products. Unless you want to be hung out to dry buy some other brand. ...more info
  • Going back to the store
    I got this camera today after ordering it from Circuit City and I will now be driving 2 hours to take it back to Circuit City! It will not install. I emailed Creative earlier, but haven't heard back from them. I read another review that said it would not work with Media Center, so maybe that's my problem; I have Media Center 2005! Creative should really tell people which systems do and don't work! I have spent several hours trying to get this STUPID CAM installed! It's going back to the store! I will buy another Logitech! ...more info
  • Old goat-New web Cam
    I found the Creative Labs Web Cam easy to set up and to download the software. The correspondents with whom we have shared images with have remarked how clear the picture is and we enjoy the self zooming feature that captures everybody's image in fromt of the camera....more info
  • Creative webcam
    Positives, easy to install, great resolution, good image and good software package.
    Negatives, frame rate slows down in lower light conditions. Only achieves full frame rate at high light levels....more info
  • LOOK-OUT for buying a VF0060 Webcam and its Sellers!
    Under product details it states the model of the Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam is VF0060, which is a Webcam that came out in 2004, which is a discontinued and outdated unit. The main image picture and the watch it in action flash video of the unit and the items stated under the Technical Details are not the model Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam (VF0060), its a 2008 model called Creative Labs Live Cam Notebook Ultra (VF0310).

    It you wish to see what the real Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam (VF0060) looks like see the Customer image from Antonio Mejias, ( which is the 3rd picture on the main screen), or Google that model.

    The real Technical Details of the model VF0060 for sale are:
    - Sensor Resolution - 640x480 not the listed 1280x960
    - Not plug and play
    - Software enhance still image capture up to 1.3 megapixel resolution not
    the listed 5.0 megapixel resolution
    - No Built-in microphone let alone a build-in noise-canceling
    microphones with Live! Audio technology

    Stay away from this unit. One of the sellers, Antonline got me with one of these Bait and Switch Webcams, (different model),. These older units that have many bugs and they are discontinued and therefore have no new updates from Creative Labs.
    Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam...more info
  • not worth it....
    I just bought my "Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam" today, @ Best buy, and when i first installed it, it went fine....then I got my computer shut down on me after i booted up the program/software...then it gave me a message that it couldn't detect the camera! Also, the images seem to be really fuzzy or blurry. The colors are really nice, but that's about it. I can't even tell about the face tracking. I don't see any diffrence. The face tracking is very much "delayed". I'm gonna return it back for logetich! This camera is a waste of money!! Save your money, and stick with logitech! ...more info
  • No built-in microphone - this is for video only
    I was surprised when I got this product. It IS for video ONLY.
    All Logitech webcams I used before come with an integrated microphone. This one does need a separate microphone to talk through the net.
    There is a tiny microphone in the package though, but I am really uncomfortable to hang it on my ear when I need to talk. Also, how can a headphone be shared by more than one person?
    You may need to purchase a bigger microphone to free your ear up and/or to share it.

    ...more info
  • Don't even bother
    Sometimes I wonder if some of the companies don't pay people to write reviews on their behalf.
    Creative needs to stick with their audigy line; that is what they do best.
    This is one substandard piece of hardware. I had to reinstall the software 3 times to get it to work properly. On top of that, I had to plug the camera to 3 different usb ports for the camera to be detected. I'll spare you the details.
    There is a delay in movement, and if you move at normal speed, your image becomes blurry. Next time I'll use my brain and go check those kind of items on site to make sure that I get what I'm paying for.
    This isn't the computer because so far this is the only piece of hardware I'm having serious problem with.
    Well, not anymore; it is going back to the store.
    I'm going to stick with my old intel webcam. It is 100 times better that this piece of $%^#. Definitely a bad buy

    Asus A8V deluxe bios ver. 1014
    Windows XP pro
    Athlon 64 3500+
    Radeon X850 XT
    2 GB or ram.......more info
  • Creative Labs - Live Ultra Webcam
    Installation was simple except for one flaw in which I had to email Creative technical support for help. The installation went fine and I was able to record video after the install. However, I didn't have any audio to go with the video on playback. I sent an email to Creative Tech Support describing my problem and they responded within 24 hours and provided a weblink to their Knowledge Base that lead me directly to the symptoms of "No Audio". I followed their knowledge base instructions and corrected my audio problem. I just wondered why during the installation they didn't take me through the audio set-up if the audio was not automatically configured during installation. Other then that one incident I've been enjoying this option on my PC and in-spite of this initial problem and would recommend this device. ...more info
  • Great camera
    I have to start out by saying this camera is more than I ever expected it to be. This camera has excellent picture and video quality. The thing that I like most is how well it does in low light. I had another webcam that I had to put a lamp next to it and it still didn't have a very good picture. This camera is awesome in low light. Just to test it I even turned out all the lights in the room and it still had a good picture. This camera is very much worth the money. I think some of the other reviewers may not have this version (there are 4 like it) this one being the best. The installation and setup was really easy and the camera itself is very easy to use. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone especially those of you who are worried about the low light problem because there isn't a problem with this camera!...more info
  • Doesn't work with Media Center SP2
    Read all of the reviews, thought it was worth a shot, called them 3 times including my PC manufacturer only to learn that it is not technically supported (the drivers aren't designed) for Media Center. I have XP Media Center 2002 Edition SP2. Had to take it back after geting too tired of trying to find a work around driver. Never really got to see it in action. ...more info
  • Not advised
    - The included headset is good
    - the big round silver ring you see is for adjusting focus
    - wide angle
    - CCD gives better light sensitivity

    - Can't work in Linux as the Logitech can.
    - drives a AthlonXP 3200+ with 512Mb above 90% CPU usage in windows 2000 when at 640X480.
    - gets out of sync every now and then when using with Openwengo , gives dropped frames

    I am replacing it with the Logitec QC pro 5000, wish I could efford the fusion....more info



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