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NETGEAR WGXB102 Powerline Wireless Range Extender
List Price: $132.99

Our Price: $99.81

You Save: $33.18 (25%)


Product Description

The NETGEAR WGXB102 Powerline Wireless Range Extender offers:
  • Everything you need to create an 802.11g wireless network using power outlets
  • Backwards compatibility with 802.11b networks
  • Enhanced security with WPA and 64/128-bit WEP encryption
The NETGEAR WGXB102 Powerline Wireless Range Extender includes everything you need to provide wireless access to an existing network using only power outlets. You can now extend an internet connection to even the farthest reaches of your home without a tangled mess of cables.

The WGXB102 comes with everything you need to create a wireless network over power lines. View larger.
Elegant Design and Simple to Install
The WGXB102 is a kit that comes with two devices, the Wireless Range Extender (WGX102) and the Powerline Network Bridge (XE102).

The WGX102 is a small silver-colored box with rounded edges that has no wires or ports of any sort. Installation is truly plug and play: simply plug the device into the outlet and you have a wireless network originating from that spot.

The XE102 is a similarly shaped box that connects from an existing wired or wireless router to the power line. It then sends a network connection between connected NETGEAR Powerline devices. In addition to the included WGX102, other compatible devices include NETGEAR's XE104, XE103, XEPS103, and XE102, all sold separately.

Fast and Secure
The WGX102 complies with both the Homeplug 1.0 and 802.11g wireless standards for compatibility with a wide range of devices. Since 802.11g is backwards compatible with 802.11b, you don't have to worry about your older devices that might not yet support the newer standard. The WGX102 supports 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption as well as WPA so you can be sure your data is safe from prying eyes. Additionally, it has VPN (IP-Sec and PPTP) passthrough, as well as the option to turn Wireless SSID broadcast on and off.

The NETGEAR WGXB102 Powerline Wireless Range Extender is backed by a 2-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WGX102 wireless range extender, XE102 Powerline network bridge, ethernet cable, two setup CDs, installation guide, and warranty/support information card.

As home networking continues to spread and evolve at rapid speed, some users find that their wireless router does not reach all corners or their home, or that they would like to have their wireless network originate from a point of their choosing, rather than be tethered to the point where the Internet enters their home. Other users would rather have a wireless network where no product is on the floor, and no cables are visible at all.The WGXB102 allows the user to have their wireless network originate from the middle of their home, or from even the furthest extremity, with no cables visible. The kit consists of the XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet bridge and a WGX102 54 Mbps Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender. The XE102 connects to an existing wired or wireless router from any vendor, and the WGX102 can be plugged into any electrical outlet to create an area of wireless access.Plug the XE102 into a wired or wireless router from any vendor, and then plug the WGX102 into any power outlet at your desired location to provide wireless access where desired.A new wall-plugged form factor allows the user to have a full wireless network without any visible Ethernet cables, and without any floor or desk space occupied. The sleek platinum casing blends well into any home decor.

  • Kit lets you create a 802.11g wireless network from an existing network with only electrical outlets
  • Supports IEEE 802.11g wireless standard and is backwards compatible with 802.11b networks
  • Enhanced security thanks to WPA and 64/128-bit WEP encryption
  • Sleek design fits into any decor
  • Device measures 6.5 x 3 x 8.6 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Get LAN Extenders instead
    The Wireless Range extender (WGXB102) did not work at all.
    Previously I used the NetGear bridge and access point, which didn't work.
    I have the Wireless Range N Max router, from NetGear.

    Only the electric LAN Range extenders worked. Basically, I could
    have purchased a cheap LAN router, because esentially I have the
    same thing. I have a LAN cable connected to my wireless router, which
    connects to a LAN range extender. I purchased a NetGear LAN card for
    my other PC.

    If you are considering NetGear, I recommend just sticking with LAN
    routers/connections. There wireless does not seem up to spec. They also
    do not provide repeaters. NOTE: Only one Range N router supports wireless
    access - bridge/access point connections).

    I wasted a lot of money using NetGear. Especially considering the USB
    adapter signals were terrible.

    *(The LAN extender is half of the WGX6102 (Non wireless part). They
    do sell this in pairs. I would highly recommend that, if you have walls
    blocking the wireless routers.

    I really wouldn't recommend NetGear. They have limited repeater options.
    And there Range N Max does not support wireless - wireless access points.

    I had lots of difficulties with NetGear wireless, and I do
    have walls separating different computers. I ended up using
    there LAN electical adapters.

    Bottom line, I would just use NetGear for LAN connections only....more info
  • Works exactly as you would hope...
    I was hesitant but chose to go with the product. I've had a lot of WIFI connectivity issues in my house and was about to lose hope.

    This device is like having the actual WIFI router right next to your computer.

    It was a very easy install.

    ...more info
  • Easy to setup, high failure rate
    NETGEAR WGX102 54 Mbps Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender

    I have a Netgear Rangemax WNR834B wireless router upstairs, but the WiFi signal downstairs was spotty. I added the XE102 upstairs, and plugged in the WGX102 wireless range extender downstairs.

    Pros: It took about 10 minutes to setup, and works well, both wireless routers use the same SSID, and the same WPA password - so connectivity is seamless while moving back and forth with a handheld wireless device like a WiFi phone.

    Cons: The unit gets very hot within an hour or two. The first unit I purchased failed within a day. The replacement unit is working, but lets see if it lasts a few months. I fear that the heat produced by this unit does not auger well for its longevity, or my electric bill....more info
  • Simple to Connect?
    I tried to add this to my secured Netgear network without any luck. If you don't know how to "ping" your computer and change your "LAN settings", watch out. I can't really blame the people who tried to help me with this problem. I think the combination of poor product information, non-user friendly technology and overseas phone response delays made this a terribly frustrating experience. I suppose if you have a laptop the set up might be easier. ...more info
  • Great when it works!

    1. The components are super easy to set up. They actually work on the first try.
    2. The product concept is fantastic. Use the electrical wires inside the walls to extend a wireless connection anywhere in the house.
    3. The signal was excellent.

    1. The price is outrageous. The retail price is $150+.
    2. The two wall units get very hot. Netgear can solve this problem by putting in electrical fans, but it does not want to spend the extra $10.
    3. Because of the heat, the life expectancy is very short. According to reviews by consumers, the range is between a year to 14 months - just after the warranty ends. On this matter, I was lucky. Mine died after 1.5 hours, and I received a refund.
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    I found this product to be an exercise in frustration. Terrible waste of time, and flushed the cash. Too bad, as I still have to buy another product to do the job. I thought that maybe I did something wrong, but then in trying to fix it, found that many others were having the same problem. I never could get it working right and tried to reinstall it each time I traveled home wasting precious time I should have been relaxing. I tried calling the customer service line, but they succeeded in having me reset my computer so that I couldn't log on to ANY wi-fi networks. It took me a while to unravel that mess, as I am not a techie. I found the customer service people to be haughty and condescending. They are glad to get our dollars, but seem like they feel they should provide nothing in exchange for them....more info
  • First One Failed in 30 days...
    The WGXB102 is very easy to use out of the box. However, if you want to secure the network and change the supplied configuration, you have to jump through some hoops (like changing a computer's IP to be a specific IP that can access the admin console). After jumping through the hoops, I was not able secure the network and still access it. Could've been my problem. However, after working fine for 30 days in a less secure configuration, The extender appeared to die on me. The led's began to flicker like the wiring was fried and then they went out, and connection was lost. I returned it and got a new one. Plugged into the same outlets, it's working fine in default configuration. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not, at this point, since the first exchange was a hassle, and I don't want to get stuck with bad hardware if it happens again....more info
  • didn't work for me ...
    i couldn't get a reliable connection between across the powerline portion of my net. it was up for a few minutes; it was down. i tried various plugs to see if i can get a reliable connection. nope. it's possible it's the wiring in my place - a poor excuse for a product that's more or less claimed to work anywhere. avoid this technology.

    also the wireless unit gets really hot. that's not terribly impressive either.

    the only good news in this failure is i didn't pay full retail for this junk - it also means i can't return it ...

    UPDATE: sold it on. apparently worked for my victim/customer. that it's so sensitive to the wiring wherein it's used still warrants a single star, but your mileage may vary....more info
  • Netgear Wireless Extender Kit
    Simple product with too complex of a setup procedure. Standard setup assumes you have NO wireless network security in place. At a minimum, it should be plug-and-play with at least WEP or WPA-PSK security in place. ...more info
  • It really worked
    I live in an old house (over 100 years old) with thick plaster walls,thick doors and about 40 feet from the server to the wireless machine. I also have at least six other networks in the neighborhood that were causing interference. I tried another vendors range extender, and still experienced frequent signal loss and horrendously low speeds. At the suggestion of my server vendor, I tried the Netgear Wall Plug Model. The installation went quickly, it took only two attempts(my fault) to match the security settings of the vendor device. I have had this installed for well over a month now, and have yet to experience a signal loss, and the connection speed constantly reports a 54Mbps connection. So, if you live in a "technically challenged" house, without the modern drywall construcion, then this might just be the Kit for you as well. Shop around for the best price and look for the rebates as well.....more info
  • Item is useless
    After attempting installation of product for five days, reading online instruction manual, contcting Tech Support. I was told that the item could not be installed in a house that had a circuit breaker in the house. I was told the signal was interupted by the circuit breaker, so I would get a strong signal, but very weak connectivity.
    I do not know of any home or office built without circuit breakers. It is required by the National Electric Code for safety reasons.
    There is no notice of this in any documentation regarding this product. I tried to install it in the same room as my main computer, on the same circuit with the same results.
    This item is useless to the home owner. It should be identified as such. ...more info
  • Worked great in 3 minutes
    We had a four-year old "B" wireless/router in which the "wireless" part gave out. I spent hours trying to get a new, major-brand "G" wireless/router to work. So --- I then tried this Netgear Powerline system. The kit has two pieces, each about the size of a nitelite. The home station piece plugs a wall electric socket by our PC and we use a cable to your old router. The distant Powerline transmitter worked *anywhere* in our house, including our garage which I worried was on a separate circuit. The whole thing took THREE MINUTES!
    (1) If you want to install security features, use the CD software. I have the impression these little transmitters with no visible antenna are not real strong and probably won't be detectable outside your house. But use your own judgment.
    (2) The two-piece kit is pricier than most standalone wireless routers base stations. But since it only takes a second to move the remote unit from say, living room to backyard, you get strong internet anywhere in a few seconds. Our old base station never really covered our (modest) house nor into the back deck. This solves that problem in a flash.
    (3) Would have bought this a couple years ago if I realize how easy it sets up and how it instantly solved our round-the-house access issues.
    (4) You might find different parts of your house are on different 'circuits.' We have an old house with add-ons and an outside garage and yet for us, everything was found to be on "one circuit" from the viewpoint of the Powerline. ...more info
  • Easy and damn difficult
    Setting these two units up was as easy as plugging the two units into wall plugs and connecting the master unit to my router. Easy.

    Configuring the suckers to make the wireless network secure is not intuitive and not for the weak of heart.

    I still have not been able to configure the laptop that will be connecting to the WGX102 unit.

    After I registered the products, I contacted tech support for some help. I received an e-mail with a link to their site for my response. The site rejected my password. I used the Lost Password link and received a cheery message my password has been sent. It has been 24 hours with several attempts, and no password. And you cannot access any information until the site accepts your password. Makes one wonder if they really offer help or only tease you into thinking they can help you....more info
  • netgear
    It works great, easy to install,however, this product doesn't to last long. I have bought one and it lasted about almost a year and bought a replacement because wall plug wouldn't work for the second time. Second one, lasted for over a year. ...more info
  • Netgear Wireless Range Extender Kit
    The range extender worked great. All I did was plug in the base unit off the router and then plugged in the receiver in our bedroom. We already were using a Netgear router so it went without a hitch....more info
  • Worked for 6 weeks then died
    I bought this product from Amazon in July because it seemed the solution to my problems, a very low wireless signal in my garage. I was prepared for the worst, i.e. that my powerline from my router wouldn't be on the same circuit as the outlet in my garage. Fortunately, they were.

    It took about 20 minutes to get everything working correctly. The instructions weren't the greatest but a little messing around and I suddenly had Excellent signal strength in my garage where I play multiplayer games online. The signal was constant and in the next six weeks remained strong, never weakening.

    The problem came in week six when the extender unit in the garage suddenly died. Only the Powerline light was lit -- the power light and Wireless connectivity green LEDs were permanently dark. Considering how hot the two units can get when constantly left on, it's not that surprising there might be some burn out risk. I believe this to be a design flaw.

    I went to the web and found a lot of people (I counted five) with accounts identical to mine. The units worked perfectly for 4-6 weeks then died. I suggest anybody buying these units after reading this post, keep the box for at least 3 months to make returning easier.

    When I called Tech Support at Netgear, my call was answered pretty quickly after navigating through the voicemail options. The first tech was from India, very friendly, but ran me through a predictable sequence of tests (reset this with a pin, take it out of the outlet, put it back in, "I believe you have a faulty unit"). My call was then elevated to an inexplicably hostile tech support person, also in India, who ran me through exactly the same tests before also concluding I had a faulty unit. Altogether, this wasted 45 minutes of my time.

    I was given 3 options:

    1) Return the unit at my own expense and Netgear would send me a replacement unit

    2) Pay $16.99 and Netgear would send me a new unit and I could box up my old unit and return it postage paid.

    3) Pay $27.99 and get an express version of #2.

    Now, I'm not usually very picky, but it annoyed me that I should have to do anything at my own expense when I'd paid $120 for the Netgear product and it failed within 6 weeks. I opted for the cheapest solution #1 then tried a different option, I bought a new wireless USB adapter from Linksys and turned off my old PCI card (which lamely was also Netgear) and am getting a constantly Very Good signal with it. It's not Excellent, but it's unlikely to burn out again in 6 weeks.

    I can't recommend this product anymore (I unfortunately persuaded a commuter friend to buy it and am hoping it doesn't burn out) or indeed any Netgear product after my experience with their goods, customer service or return policy....more info
  • I wanted to believe in this product...
    I really was hoping this product would work for me, but I wasted hours trying to configure it with no success. It was indeed able to provide a signal in my house in a far corner away from the wireless router, but only with the ssid provided out of the box by the manufacturer, and only in unsecured mode.

    Once I invested the time in trying to secure the wireless network, I encountered the same problems as many of the other users providing posts. And similar to their experience, it took me hours of fiddling around with network settings and sniffers to identify the ip address of the unit's console.

    Note that I decided to go with this Netgear unit, despite its potential config issues, because my router is also a netgear product, and actually the router has provided good service; I didnt think a linksys repeater would be easy to configure with the netgear router. Perhaps I should have given the Hawking repeater a try instead.

    Anyways, even once I was partially able to secure the network after using the powerline extender, my two laptops (one WinXP, the other Win VistaBiz) had different behavior when using the network; the XP I had to continually ipconfig release and renew, while the VistaBiz laptop continually had issues with only providing access to the network and not to the internet.

    Eventually I found I could remove the need for having this powerline extender on the VistaBiz machine by disabling IPv6 and setting the laptop to a static IP address and static DNS name servers (which the router console provided). All told, I spent 4-5 hours completely wasted, and returned the unit back to Amazon. At least the return process was easy......more info
  • works great so far!
    Netgear WGX102 54 Mbps Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender

    no problem in getting this to work with my pc and mac....more info
  • Excellent
    It worked literally straight out of the box. Plugged one unit to the ADSL Router/Hub down in the basement office (which does transmit wirelessly, but not strongly enough to penetrate the basement ceiling reliably), and the other unit upstairs, and there it was - instant wireless networking throughout the house where none was previously available. I was pretty impressed! On the heat issue... I think people's definition of "hot" varies a lot from one to another. I found it running no hotter than my least hot AC-DC adapter, which frankly to me is not particularly hot. More like warm. Perhaps Netgear improved this aspect in later releases.

    I did find a vast performance improvement (double= from plugging the units into a double adapter as opposed to directly to the wall. By all means plug the thing straight into the wall and avoid power boards/double adapapters, etc. It might still work, but you'll be compromising performance - possibly quite significantly!...more info
  • Plug and Play Istallation
    The Newgear WGXB102 extender kit installed and functioned as advertised. I just followed the plug and play instructions and my wireless laptop was connected immediately with strong signal in about 15 minutes. Without the Netgear Extender the signal to my laptop located on another floor in my home was none to one bar. So far I have not activated any security settings. It is operating with a Speed Stream Siemens router and a Linksys Wireless G notebook adapter, there being no other Netgear devices in my system. A great product.
    ...more info
  • Customer Service
    This product may be great, but do not buy it if you need any level of technical support. They utilize an off shore call center for technical support. The technicians are not trained on the product and can provide you no assistance. ...more info
  • Pricey, but worth every penny so far
    I found this a little harder to set up than I expected. The webpage for changing the settings would not come up. I finally figured out that I had to run the utility (installed from the cd) first. Then I could change the settings (i.e. set security).

    I plugged in the wireless extender upstairs to be close to my PS3 and living room for laptops. It's been fantastic. My PS3 was getting 40% signal from my router, and now gets 100%, drastically improving performance.

    I now have two signals I can tap into, depending on where I am in the house. The unit is attractive and non-fussy.

    This added utility is worth the price, in my opinion. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Good Product
    It worked as Expected, I had some trouble to install it since it says it is "Plug and Play", but only if your router is the same brand as the product, otherwise it can take some time to configure. After I configured it, I haven't had any problems....more info
  • If it doesn't work out of the box you're in trouble
    I didn't have any luck getting this item to work as advertised. It appears that if you get lucky and it works right out of the box then you are fine. However, if you need the instructions, they are vague at best.
    Get ready to call tech support....more info
  • Everyone is connected!
    I bought this to expand my current verizon wireless network to cover the house from the basement (where router is located) to my son's room which is on the second story. To just plug in two devices and the software on his pc and to have his reception go from 1 bar to five bars was great! No more complaining! Yeah!...more info
  • great concept, poor execution
    This is our second Netgear wireless product, and both have the same problem: they lose their wireless connections.

    Several years ago I bought a Netgear wireless router; when it worked, it was fine. But it regularly lost the wireless connection. Restarting did not necessarily restore the wireless connection; and the wireless connection was lost 1-2 times per month.

    About one year ago, I got fed up enough to buy a Belkin wireless router; since then, we have literally NEVER lost the wireless connection--not even once.

    The same problems happen with the WGXB102 range extender kit. We're constantly losing the connection! Pulling the unit out of the wall and waiting sometimes restores the connection, and sometimes it doesn't. Resetting the device with a paperclip very rarely restores the connection. Often, the connection is lost even though the wireless connection is shown to be at full strength.

    I've had it with Netgear; in my opinion their products are very poor. When I feel like spending another $100+ I'll buy the similar product from Belkin, as they seem to know what they're doing....more info
  • Doesn't work as expected
    I bought two, one for me and another for a friend.

    I struggled for one whole day just to make it work! now it's working with me.

    My friend didn't manage to make it work.

    With it's price, I recomment buying another hotspot instead.

    Regards,...more info
  • NETGEAR WGXB102 Powerline Wireless Range Extender
    Not a good product. The fourth unit I have purchased, and it is dead, too. They don't last long. Too pricey for the life of the product. Tossed transmitter and receiver and bought Hawkings range extender. Much better....more info
  • fantastic
    only took minutes to install and worked fantastic. even enabled me to set up wireless networking of my epson workforce 600, which i was having problems. Have read about trouble with these burning out, and that will be yet to be determined, but so far fantastic. Used this unit in the basement with router and placed a plug in wireless unit on each of the other floors. no dead spots anymore....more info
  • You won't regret buying this
    My wireless router has been pretty much useless. Buying this range extender kit was the most economical solution to my "can't get a signal" problem.

    Using this couldn't be simpler. One of the units has an outlet, one does not. Plug one end of a short piece of ethernet cable into one of the outlets on the back of your router. Plug the other end into the outlet in the bottom of the little silver Netgear box. Plug it directly into an wall outlet, not a surge protector or extension cord, mkay? Plug the wireless unit into any outlet in your home and poof, you have internet signal in that room.

    I live in a three story home. My router is in a back bedroom in the first floor. My sitting room is on the third floor. I have a lovely signal in my sitting room which I never had before, thanks to this product.

    I get my best signal if I take the little wireless unit with me and plug it into an outlet in whatever room I want internet in. To avoid this you can buy extra wireless bridges, but carrying it around doesn't bother me at all....more info
  • Always works for me
    We use this both for computers and gaming systems and they have worked perfectly for years. A+ in my book....more info
  • Great in Theory but falls way too short.
    When I got this product i thought great now i can get my router to reach my room in the apartment. I was thrilled of the idea of the signal going through the power cords. What I didn't realize is that this thing can really only send the signal to adjacent rooms... If your lucky.

    The signal wasn't even strong enough to go into the room below it. I have no clue how powerful the wireless strength was but it didn't make a difference for me in any outlets where it could communicate with the other half. If you have a wireless router that can't even push the signal through a wall or a wire router that you want to make wireless then this might be a good buy. Otherwise avoid it....more info



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