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Command Communications Comswitch 5500 3-Port Phone/Fax Modem Line Sharing Device
List Price: $129.95

Our Price: $47.00

You Save: $82.95 (64%)


Product Description

Now you can eliminate the need for extra dedicated telephone lines with the ComSwitch 5500. Use the ComSwitch 5500 to automatically route calls to your phone, answering machine, fax OR modem - all on a single line!It lets up to 3 devices - usually a telephone, answering machine, fax or modem - share a single phone line. When you add a second or third phone number to your single line, the CS 5500 works smoothly with Distinctive Ring service offered by most local phone companies (different companies have various names for this service; check with your phone company for details). In short, the CS 5500 is able to recognize specific ring patterns assigned to your different phone numbers and route calls to the right device. The CS 5500 immediately answers every call in the "Automatic" mode. If you prefer to have all your extension phones ring normally, the "Semi-Automatic" mode is also selectable. The choice is yours. It is possible for the CS 5500 to work with Voice Messaging from the phone company (requires Distinctive Ring service activation). The system is also compatible with Caller ID service (requires service activation). Remote Message Notification - Never miss another important message while you're away. Every time you receive a voice message, fax document or data transmission, the CS 5500 will automatically send a special tone message to any desired telephone number - local or long distance. (Not compatible with tone pagers.) The CS 5500 is so smart it stays on the line during every call, listening for tone commands you send from the keypad of a telephone. So you can talk for a few minutes, push three keys, and transfer the call to your fax machine to receive a document.

  • Allows up to 3 devices--usually a telephone, answering machine, fax or modem--to share a single phone line.
  • Choose "Automatic" or "Semi-Automatic" mode
  • Remote message notification

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally a solution for my computer fax
    I used to a multipurpose printer - fax, scanner, printer for faxing, but it would consume too much ink from the printer, when I did not really need to print out the fax out. I found that my computer, Apple Mac, can replace the fax functions for both send and receiving faxes. My problem was I did not want to get a separate phone line for faxing. So my answering machine and my fax software competed for the phone line based on the number of rings. Since both count rings the one set for the shortest number of rings would receive the call, so I would miss phone voice messages or faxes. So I had to know and stand-by when I was going to receive a fax. What a pain.

    This product solves the problem by replacing me. It is placed in series with my phone line and both a fax machine (my computer modem port) and my answering machine / handset. It picks up the line before either device sees the ring and determines if it is a fax or not. If it is a fax it connected it to the fax machine, if not it send it to my answering machine / handset. Now I miss nothing. It even handles caller ID. Great product!!

    Also the company has good customer support. I asked a number of technical questions before I bought the product and they answered they quickly and accurately. ...more info
  • Automatic Fax/Voice Switch
    This item works great, just plug it in, connect the fax line and line going to phone/answering machine, and it begins working for you.
    Pros: Automatically determines if the incoming call is a fax or voice call and directs the call to that line, so you don't have to setup your fax for incoming fax calls.
    Cons: The unit is a little bigger than I though it would be, and the model I received is housed in a black case instead of a white case like the pictue displayed. When you get an incoming call, you do not hear the 1st 1 or 2 rings, probably because it is trying to determing if the call is from a fax or a voice call....more info
  • Just what I needed.
    I have searched around for a machine like this for quite awhile. I read about the features and thought that this would do everything that I needed. I needed it to answer my primary home line to an answering machine and my "smart ring" number to an additional answering machine for my business. I received the unit and had a bit of a problem hooking it up the way I needed it to work. One call to an excellent customer service department, and I had the unit up and running in minutes. I would highly recommend this machine. I have had no problems since installing it. It has proven to be an asset to my company.
    ...more info
  • Fax Switch
    Command Communications Comswitch 5500 3-Port Phone/Fax Modem Line Sharing Device

    Fax switch works great, once correctly programmed. I had trouble with the directions and called the help line. They cleared up my problem immediately and the switch has been working fine since....more info
  • Just the FAX sir.
    Works as advertised. I have Vonage for my phone service, caller ID and a home based answering device and it works fine having a internet based phone system. I would recommend this reasonably priced switch to any one that needs the convenience of a home fax machine with out the added cost of another line. ...more info
  • Plug in and go to work
    It is that easy, plug in the devices into the right outlets, determine whether you want semi-automatic or automatic (probably semi-automatic or "home" settings if you are using this device at home) and away you go. It took a trial period to be honest to realize that the "home" setting was the most appropriate, but there has not been any problems with voice mail - both from an answering machine and a provider service. Faxes get accepted on the first ring otherwise pass down the call to subsequent rings for answering. It is a clever device and well worth the money compared to purchasing monthly fax services....more info
  • ComSwitch approval
    The switch was very easy to install and has worked just as described. It has been a good purchase - for clarification I wanted to mention that if you have your electronic vmail through your carrier of your ph/fax line, it will not pick up with out distinctive rings, you will need to get a box for your vmail. ...more info
  • unsatisfying customer service
    This product was not compatable w/ our phone system. Because I had removed the plastic wrap around the product it could not be returned at all. This does not seem right. ...more info
  • Works as advertised! Can there be anything better to say?
    I bought the ComSwitch 5500 because my stupid HP PhotoSmart All-in-One with Fax doesn't listen for the fax tone and reroute the voice call back to a phone device. (I think HP designed it stupidly, although I like the other features of the All-in-one.) I bought the ComSwitch, it took one minute to set up, and it did NOT work. I called their tech support. They told me in ONE MINUTE that the settings I had on the All-in-one were wrong, how to reset it, I did and the ComSwitch works PERFECTLY EVERY TIME! I love a product that does what it says it will do!...more info
  • Doing the job!
    I purchased this line sharing device to allow a two phone answering system to work as designed along with a fax machine. So far so good. ...more info
  • Did the job
    Got this for my tech. challenged friends. They had two phone lines, and wanted to save money by getting rid of one of them. Now they can run both their fax machine, and wireless phone/answering machine on just one line. I can't say how all the other features work, because that's all they needed, but for them it works great. Just took it out of the box, plugged in the power cord, plugged the phone/answering machine into the answering machine port and the fax machine into the fax port, the phone line into the line port, and it was up and running. For the infrequent amount of faxing that I do personally, my all-in-one Panasonic phone/fax/answering machine works fine on one line....more info
  • Works Great!
    5500 works great! Be sure to compare to the 7500 as there are differences.
    Also, tech support is out of, I think, Chicago. They can test the lines over the phones. I've used several others, now we just use this brand whenever we need a lineanalizer/telephone switch...more info
  • Not so good
    It worked for two weeks. Then it sent all calls to fax machine regardless voice call or fax. The item was returned to vendor. ...more info
  • Works well and saved us money
    We connected this Comm-switch ahead of our phone system, and used the distinctive ring feature (from the phone company). The device detects the special ring and routes the call to our fax machine, just as advertised. This line also contains DSL, and all is working fine.

    Great price on Amazon, and this device saves us the cost of a separate phone line, about $40/month total....more info
  • A real problem solver
    My husband receives his next day's work via fax each evening and every night we'd have to run to switch the phone line over to the fax line until I found this product. We are not technically savvy at all, yet it only took us about 5 minutes open the box and connect our lines to the unit. It worked right from the start and now we don't even have to think about it - phone calls come in as phone calls and faxes come in as faxes all on their own. This has been a real stress reliever....more info
  • I can't believe I've been without it all these years!
    I stumbled across this piece of equipment by accident after I was searching online for a cheap extra phone line/service. I have a home-based business and wanted the advantage of using the free distinctive ring we got from Verizon to go to its own voicemail or answering machine. Verizon told us they would charge an extra $6 a month to have the distinctive ring (which we would use for our home number) to go to a separate voicemail, then told us it wasn't available in our area at all! So I was THRILLED that there was a machine out there that did this and I immediately purchased the 5500 after reading all the reviews. LOVE IT! I didn't even read the manual - just plugged it in, called tech support, told them what I wanted to do, and within 5 minutes I was up and running - EASY! What I did was have our distinctive ring go to the answering machine and the other ring (business line) go to voicemail. What I like about it, too is that the first ring rings both phones, not just the one in my office. So if I'm downstairs, I can hear it AND look on caller ID to see who is calling. And what is also nice about it is that if it is a business call and I want it to go to voicemail, it will continue to ring in my office without my having to hear it throughout the house. BUT, if I am downstairs and DO want to pick up, I don't have to run up to my office - I can do it because it's the same phone line! And I love that the caller ID works on all the phones, whether it's plugged into the Comswitch or not. I figured I paid one time to purchase this unit what it would cost MONTHLY to pay Verizon for an extra line. Love it, love it, love it!! Works great - we're buying another one for our beach house!!...more info
  • Works Great
    It does what it is supposed to do. It directs voice calls to my combined phone and answering machine and directs fax calls to my computer fax program.

    However, what it does not do is permit you to take a fax when you are using the voice line and visa versa. Oh, well, if it is important, they'll call back. Maybe they'll put that feature in the next version....more info



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